Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Little Help

Hi Folks! Today I'd like to go off the beaten path a bit. I have a friend. Her name is Alice. Alice used to be an emergency room nurse until medical issues forced her from the profession she so dearly loved and now her sole income is disability payments from Social Security from which she runs a household, and as a single mom, raises a young daughter.

As everyone know, times are tough for all of us right now and for Alice, it's no different.

Recently, Alice's dog, a German Shepard named Pete has taken ill and has some lung issues which are causing some serious veterinarian bills that Alice simply cannot afford. This woman has had it hard and she loves this dog like he's one of her kids. I am asking for some help to cover a bit of Pete's medical bills. Both Alice & Pete could use a little of that pay it forward attitude that makes our country so great.

Alice has a Paypal account and if you'd like to help out, donations can be sent there.

Alice's email for transaction purposes is

Thanks in advance. 


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